PGA Homework

Each night, students will bring home a black and white book to practice reading. This will be a book that we have already read together in class. Rereading the book (several times) will help reinforce the learning that students have already done.

Sometimes the book will be in the student’s instructional level, which means that there will be some words that the student will have to work hard to decode. These books give students opportunities to practice strategies, such as saying each sound to decode, looking for word patterns, or thinking about what makes sense, etc. Sometimes the book will be on the student’s independent reading level, which is a great way to help build reading fluency. Rereading a familiar book on the reader’s independent reading level also helps boost self-confidence.

Each night after you have listened to your child read, please fill out and sign the reading log that is stapled to the inside cover of your child’s Read Well Journal.