School and Classroom Expectations


Parents, our school will be using SMART this year to ensure we have a “smart” year. SMART stands for:


    We will make good choices each day to ensure our success.


    We will arrive to school on time, have all of our daily materials,

    and follow school rules.


    We will share our thoughts and ideas, commit to understanding,

    and invest in learning.


    We will wait our turn, ask for what we want, use good manners,

    and follow dress code/ expectations. 

Team Player

    We will accept assigned team or group, share the responsibilities,

    and help a friend!

Students will earn points by demonstrating these behaviors through Class Dojo, an interactive website used on the SMART board. Please initial your child's behavior on their behavior calendar daily.

SMART Points Earned
Star: 10+ points
Smiley Face: 7-9 points
Straight Face: 5-6 points
Sad Face: 3-4 points
X: 2 points or below

If the rules are not followed I will implement the following plan:

1st- The student will be given a verbal or non-verbal warning.

2nd-  The student will fill out a reflection form to reflect on their misbehavior and get back on track.

3rd-  If the student refuses to fill out the reflection form or the behavior continues, parent contact will be made in writing (a minor documentation form or note) or by phone.

    *After the 3rd minor documentation form, the student will receive a major office referral.


 If the student continues to break the rules or break a more serious rule (example: fighting) the principal will be asked to assist with a solution to the problem.

Ms. Arp