Kristen Bowman

Ms. Bowman's and Ms. Hood's Kindergarten Class!

Welcome to NCES Kindergarten! We are very excited to have your child in our classroom and we are looking forward to a fantastic year!


 Kindergarten is a very important year. Our purpose is to help your child grow and develop to their fullest potential socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.


We will be encouraging creativity and "learning by doing."  We anticipate that your child will make the discovery that learning is exciting and fun.


Important Information

* Children are expected to attend school everyday. Please be punctual with arrivals and departures. School is in session from 7:10 - 2:20.

* A written note/call is required if your child will be picked up by anyone other than you, or if he/she is to take another form of transportation home other than their usual means.

*Arrival and Dismissal*

Children may enter the classroom beginning at 7:05. Students arriving before 7:05 need to wait patiently, following SPORT expectations. Please allow your child to walk to class alone as we encourage independency.

Bus riders will be taken to the bus loop promptly at 2:20. Car riders are taken out front to wait on the 2nd blue bench. Please follow car line appropriately.

*Daily Expectations*

Blue Folders - This folder will be sent home daily containing completed work and information from school.  Please review the contents daily. Use this folder to return requested forms, notes, homework, signed behavior and money to school.

 Homework - Homework will begin in September.  Please assist your child in completing homework in their homework notebooks and return as indicated. 


Children can bring in $1.00 to buy a treat at lunch on Friday ONLY. 



Celebrations for birthdays are welcomed briefly during lunch or at the end of the day towards snack and dismissal. Please let us know in advance so we can plan accordingly.  


Due to our early lunch, we will have an afternoon snack.  Each child is requested to bring snack once a month for the class. A new snack calendar will come home monthly.


*Field Trips*

For all trips off school grounds, we must receive a signed permission form.  Any money necessary must be due by the stated deadline.


Helpful Suggestions

1.  Make sure your child is getting the proper amount of sleep (10-12 hours daily) and eating dinner.


2.  Keep us informed of unusual happenings in your child's life.


3. Have your child bring a book bag and their blue folder each day.


4.  Do not send candy, gum or toys.


5.  Dress your child in uniform clothes containing the following colors: red, white, blue, khaki.


6.  Each child needs an extra set of clothes in a plastic bag labeled with their name in case of spills or accidents.


We are excited about beginning the school year and thank you for your interest and cooperation.

School Phone: 843-745-7107