Rachel Etchason


Welcome to Ms. Etchason's 3rd Grade Class in room 258!!

I am so excited to share this school year with each of the students and families in our classroom. This is my second year at North Charleston Elementary School. I am originally from Georgia and received my bachelors degree in Early Childhood Education. I moved to Charleston in 2009 and began working on my Master's in Education at the College of Charleston. My favorite subject to teach is math. I love yoga, running and tomatoes! I look forward to working with all of the students in and out of school! It is going to be great year!


   Our Class Schedule:

7:05 – 7:35 Breakfast and morning work 7:35 – 7:50 Review morning work work 7:50 – 9:20 Math 9:20 – 11:20 Reader’s & Writer’s Workshop 11:20-11:40 Lunch 11:40-12:00 Recess 12:00 – 12:35 Science 12:35 – 1:10 Social Studies 1:10 – 1:55 Special Area Monday- Computer Tuesday- Music Wednesday- Art Thursday- Library/Guidance Friday- PE 1:55 – 2:20 DEAR, Journal Work, or Read Aloud 2:20-2:25 Pack Up/ Dismissal

  This year we will learn…

Reading & Writing

  • making connections to text
  • reading non-fiction to learn facts
  • understanding characters, setting, plot, problem and solution
  • comparing and contrasting
  • understanding themes and morals in stories
  • understanding text features
  • citing evidence in text
  • writing personal narratives


  • place value and rounding
  • review of addition & subtraction
  • multiplication & division concepts
  • fraction concepts
  • geometry: 2D & 3D shapes
  • telling time
  • creating and reading graphs
  • area & perimeter
  • measuring length & volume


  • solid, liquid, gas and changes in matter
  • electric currents and simple circuits
  • Earth materials- rocks, minerals, and soil
  • land forms and water features
  • habitats and environments
  • food chains and adaptations
  • fossils

Social Studies

  • regions in SC
  • Native Americans in SC
  • explorers and early settlements
  • American Revolution in SC
  • branches of government
  • cotton gin and expansion of slavery
  • Civil War and Reconstruction in SC
  • Civil Rights movement
  • tourism and economy of SC



    Please contact me:

Email: rachel_etchason@charleston.k12.sc.us

My teaching hours are 7:05am-2:30pm. If you need to reach me during this time, please call NCES at (843) 745-7107