Media Center Policies
Media Center Policies
The media center is part of the school and students must follow school rules in the media center. There are expectations for students when they are in the library:

1. Enter the library and exit the library at a voice level 0.
2. Come in prepared and ready to learn.
3. Actively participate in class; talking and listening at appropriate times.
4. Respect each other, the teacher and all the property in the library.
5. Take care of your library books and return them on time.

Checkout Policy
We want students to check out books from the NCES library. Students will come to the library on a regular basis to checkout books. Students in grades K-1 will checkout one library book at a time. Students in the other grades may check out two books each visit.

There are no overdue fines at NCES. However, if books are lost they must be paid for.
Students must return overdue items and pay for lost items before checking out new books. Please talk to  your child about the importance of keeping track of their library books.

Thank you!!